Managed SSD VPS Hosting Packages

Our managed SSD VPS packages are affordable and a cost-effective solution for those who want the benefits of a managed VPS and the super-fast speed of SSD drives. our SSD VPS packages have all the advantages of VPS hosting packages with the additional performance of solid state drives. All SSD VPS packages now include DDOS protection at no additional charge!


  • 16+ CPUsEqual Share
  • Guaranteed RAM1280 MB
  • RAID-10 Disk Space30 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth3000 GB
  • $50PER MONTH

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  • $50.00MONTHLY
  • $150.50QUARTERLY
  • $600.00YEARLY


  • 16+ CPUsEqual Share
  • Guaranteed RAM2.5 GB
  • RAID-10 Disk Space80 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth7000 GB
  • $70PER MONTH

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  • $70.00MONTHLY
  • $210.00QUARTERLY
  • $840.00YEARLY


  • 16+ CPUsEqual Share
  • Guaranteed RAM3.25 GB
  • RAID-10 Disk Space95 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth9000 GB
  • $90PER MONTH

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  • $90.00MONTHLY
  • $270.00QUARTERLY
  • $1080.00YEARLY


  • 16+ CPUsEqual Share
  • Guaranteed RAM4 GB
  • RAID-10 Disk Space115 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth11000 GB
  • $120PER MONTH

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  • $120.00MONTHLY
  • $360.00QUARTERLY
  • $1440.00YEARLY


  • 16+ CPUsEqual Share
  • Guaranteed RAM5 GB
  • RAID-10 Disk Space135 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth13000 GB
  • $150PER MONTH

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  • $150.00MONTHLY
  • $450.00QUARTERLY
  • $1800.00YEARLY


  • 16+ CPUsEqual Share
  • Guaranteed RAM6.5 GB
  • RAID-10 Disk Space165 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth15000 GB
  • $190PER MONTH

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  • $190.00MONTHLY
  • $570.00QUARTERLY
  • $2280.00YEARLY
  • 2 IP Addresses included with every VPS.

  • Fully Managed 24/7/365 Support.

  • Unlimited Domains can be hosted in every server.

  • Full Root Access is provided for complete control.

  • Free Backups for data recovery.

  • 1-click Installers are available for easy setup.

4 World-Class Locations

You can choose the location of your server among our top-tier datacenters, located around the
world, to optimize speed and delivery to your audience.

  • Seattle, WA.
  • Dallas, TX.
  • Baltimore, MD.
  • Asterdam, NL.

Managed VPS Special

For a limited time only we’re offering our exclusive holiday promotion. Please use the SGNEWYEAR coupon for a 15% lifetime discount on the VPS-1 or larger. Yes, if you start with the VPS-1 and later decide to upgrade the 15% lifetime discount remains so in turn your discount increases. You can even add 1 GB of RAM or in smaller increments to each VPS and the discount applies. NEW A LA CARTE RAM and DISK SPACE UPGRADE PRICING TOO!!!!

Interested in purchasing multiple servers at discounted rates? Check out our white-label VIP Reseller Program! Reseller Program

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    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    We offer 2 different control panels for your Managed VPScPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin for $10/mo each – or you can order your VPS with no control panel and install whatever you prefer!
  • Three Different Data Centers

    99.996% Proven Uptime Record

    You have the option to choose between three different data centers – Texas, Washington and Maryland – each offering premium bandwidth experience, speed and reliability at its best.


Scalable on demand, with no downtime

Need more resources for your Managed VPS on the fly? With our scalable system, your demands are fulfilled without any downtime – no migration of files or databases are required and there are no changes in your settings.

Rapid, quality technical support around the clock

Need any technical assistance? Any time of the day or night, we’ll be there for you. Support is something SG WebCenters prides itself on so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back.

Isolated resources for faster performance

Our VPS nodes are divided into isolated containers that each have their own set of memory, diskspace and CPU power. This gives you optimal performance at an affordable price.

Affordable solutions, 30 day guarantee

SG WebCenters offers the most cost effective solutions for your web hosting needs. Don’t like our services? If you’re a new customer, you can ask for your money back within 30 days of placing your order. It’s that simple!

Choose your own control panel

We offer 2 different control panels for your Managed VPS – cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin – but if you’re happy just using the command line, you can order your VPS with no control panel and install whatever you prefer!

Custom Built, Enterprise-grade hardware

We don’t do the cheap ride here. We custom build all our Managed VPS servers and use only the best components available, to ensure maximum performance and stability.

All of our VPS's come with:

  • The option to choose between three different data centers (Texas, Washington and Maryland), each offering premium bandwidth experience, speed and reliability at its best.

  • Custom built RAID for redundancy and (of course) high performance.

  • Fully managed support (for VPSs with control panel added) available 24/7/365 so you have peace of mind with your online presence.

  • Free full image backups offered with all VPS’s for disaster recovery.

  • White labeled VPS standard. This separates SG WebCenters from the rest of the industry. You can brand your VPS and there will be no mention of SG WebCenters.

  • Affordable, enterprise VPS hosting backed by industry veterans, giving you the advantage needed to succeed with your websites/servers.

  • Sleep at night with worry-free Managed VPS Hosting.


Why should you choose SG WebCenters?

  • Unlimited Domains.

  • Seamless upgrades from VPS to VPS.

  • Private nameservers.

  • Free 3rd party installations.


Need more? Check out the available Add-Ons!

Enhance your server with the hardware and software addons and upgrades.

Resource Upgrades

  • 256 MB extra RAM
    $12.80 /MO
  • 512 MB extra RAM
    $25.60 /MO
  • 1024 MB extra RAM
    $51.20 /MO
  • 10 GB extra HDD
    $23.32 /MO
  • 20 GB extra HDD
    $46.64 /MO
  • 30 GB extra HDD
    $69.96 /MO
  • 250 GB extra bandwidth
    $20.00 /MO
  • 500 GB extra bandwidth
    $30.00 /MO
  • 1000 GB extrabandwidth
    $40.00 /MO
  • Bandwidth Overage
    $0.40 /GB
  • Additional IP addresses
    $2 /IP

Software Upgrades

  • cPanel/WHM*unlimited
    $10.00 /MO
  • DirectAdmin* unlimited
    $10.00 /MO
  • BlestaBilling Software
    $10.00 /MO
  • WHMCSBilling Software
    $10.00 /MO
  • Softaculous
    $10.00 /MO
  • LiteSpeed< 2.5 GB RAM
    $24.00 /MO
  • LiteSpeed > 2.5 GB RAM
    $40.00 /MO
  • LSCache**
    $12.00 /MO
  • LiteMage Starter**
    $12.00 /MO
  • LiteMage Standard**
    $76.00 /MO
  • LiteMage Unlimited**
    $190.00 /MO

All upgrades and addons can be added or removed from by simply emailing our sales team. No downtime is involved during any upgrade process. The only requirement is the addon must remain on your account for the minimum of 30 days.

*Control panels are not recommend on a VPS-1 as it does not meet the minimum resource requirements to support running them.

**Requires Litespeed Ultra VPS license or higher (VPS-3 and up).

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